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Lake Chapala may just be paradise for those who enjoy dining out and eating wonderful, creative food. This guide to our favorite restaurants is just that - our very own favorites. We have ranked them according to their menu selections, service, ambiance and price and have personally eaten at them all, sometimes more than once. If you think we have left out a really good restaurant, it is probably because we haven't eaten there yet. Let us know and we will make a visit and add our review to this guide. Buen Provecho!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Ramon Corona 2-A, Ajijic, Mexico
Phone: 376 766 1588

Credit Cards Accepted - Visa and Mastercard
Hours: Tuesday - Sun 12pm - 10pm. Closed Monday.  

Directions: Tabarka's new location is just north of Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic. There is limited parking along the calle.

Tabarka has a second location, Tacos Frida, located along the Carretera in San Antonio, Tlayacapan, across from Super Lake for more casual fare.

First Impressions

Tabarka serves gourmet Basque/Spanish food, some of the best we have tasted anywhere. If you want to impress guests, take them to Tabarka for dinner. This is a great restaurant in a new setting very close to Lake Chapala Society.

The owner, Chef David, is from Alicante, Spain and oversees the preparation of each dish. We love to eat lunch here in the afternoon and indulge in the tapas or paella.


The menu changes daily and is written on a white board that the waiter brings to your table. The specialty of the house are the tapas and we highly recommend ordering the set price tapas
special and taste whatever the chef decides to prepare, based on the season and availability of fresh ingredients.

The tapas special is available for a set price or can be ordered individually. Each dish is a pleasant and delicious surprise. Slices of Spanish tortilla, exquisitely prepared small plates of fish, fried eggplant, meatballs, and tiny bowls of soup. Paella is the specialty of the house

Tapas from the kitchen

Paella is prepared fresh when ordered so your patience is requested since the chef needs at least thirty minutes to prepare this dish properly.

Tabarka has a full bar with mixed drinks available as well as selection of wine and beer. Ask for a recommendation, and the waiter will suggest a wine from the chef's home region in Spain.



The dining room at Tabarka is al fresco, under  covered tables that shields from the sun and rare showers.

Art by Spanish artists covers the walls. Tabarka has created a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for a romantic lunch, or to entertain friends. For those who are without a vehicle while visiting Lake Chapala, Tabarka is now much easier to reach in the new central Ajijic location.  


Service is very good. When you order the tapas special you never have to wait very long between dishes before another scrumptious dish is placed before you.

The waiters are knowledgeable about every dish on the menu and can be trusted to give good recommendations. They bring the menu board to your table and explain each dish. 

Every time we have visited Tabarka, Chef David greets us at the table at some time during the meal. We have learned a lot about Spain and the traditional foods from this area by talking to David.

Our Recommendation  *****

If you must choose one really outstanding place to have dinner in Ajijic, go to Tabarka. This is gourmet food, prepared by a master chef who really cares about what he serves.

The open air seating is pleasant. The prices are very reasonable, especially considering the impressive quality of the dishes.


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  1. Tabarka Restaurant now does accept credit cards, but, of course, the connection to the bank sometimes fails, so it is prudent to have cash at hand. The above post emphasizes the tapas and paella, but the main attraction for us are the fish dishes, always fresh, uncommon and perfectly grilled!

    31 May 2015